About Zoë: An Artist Statement

 Fall in Nunavut (Photo: Sylvia Hoang)

Fall in Nunavut (Photo: Sylvia Hoang)

I’m Zoë, an artist with a serious case of wanderlust. 

As a naturally curious person, my work draws upon a variety of influences and experiences; the places I’ve travelled, growing up surrounded by nature, and my background in health and science. I’ve worked public health, climate change, graphic design, and research, yet the common denominator is always creativity. Art is my passion. Being able to connect art to science, social justice, and critical thinking helps me being meaning to my work. So much can be said with art that cannot be captured by words alone. 

I’m currently based in Ontario, in between bouts of travel across the globe. Though I adore trees, I spent the last few years in the tundra of Nunavut, where I found immense personal growth, and also finally started to consider myself an artist. I will try anything creative, and I’m often introduced to new creative art forms during my travels. 

Watercolour is my favourite. I love precision and fine detail, I welcome the loose and carefree qualities of watercolour, the immense patience required, and the faith you have to hand over to the paint. The natural world is my biggest inspiration, and I’m often painting flowers, trees, icebergs, and Arctic animals. Music always accompanies the artistic process and helps me translate my ideas into the physical.  

I’m constantly exploring, learning, and refining my artistic style. If I accomplish anything with my work, I hope that I can inspire creativity in someone else. 

You can connect with me via: Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Email