Artist Profile: Katie Green, Content Creator

Katie Green is a content creator, self-proclaimed geek, and aspiring journalist. She is the Founder of Local Ladies, a film production company in Kitchener, Ontario. 

The Life of the Artist

When did you start your journey as a content creator? Why content creation?

I started my journey as a content creator in 2013 when I started making makeup videos and vlogs on YouTube. I had fallen in love with the YouTube community in high school and wanted to start creating as soon as I finished high school. It’s so easy nowadays for us to just create something and put it out for the world to see, and the idea of being able to connect with people around the world through videos was fascinating to me.

What part of artistic process do you like best?

I love planning out the content and I love (video) editing! That’s why I stopped doing makeup videos and started doing interviews in the first place. I started to notice that I hated being on camera and only enjoyed editing, so I stopped putting myself on camera and started putting others on to tell their stories instead.

What keeps you going?

Stories. Stories keep me going. There is so much power in storytelling and I strongly believe that we can change the world with our stories. I’m not going to lie, running Local Ladies can be hard, but every time I sit down with a woman and she shares her story with me, it’s all worth it.

Whose work inspires you?

Anything Reese Witherspoon puts out inspires me. Her production company tells women’s stories through film and other content, which is exactly what I strive to do with Local Ladies. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, I am inspired by the YouTube content of Jenna Marbles and the Try Guys.

What content did you grow up?

A lot of YouTube when I was in high school. I watched so many creators do every day vlogs and create makeup tutorials and was enthralled with the online community. In addition to that, I watched a lot of movies, a lot of sci-fi and rom-coms specifically.

What content and artists shaped your perspective as a storyteller?

Content that features women who are a whole character. Not just the “nice” and “pretty” characters we usually see in film and television, the content that shows women who are determined, mean, confident, loud, vulgar, etc. It’s shown me that a woman’s stories, even if it isn’t exactly likeable, is theirs, and that in of itself is a good enough reason to tell it.

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Local Ladies x Toronto: A Documentary

Local Ladies x Toronto is Katie's third feature film as an independent filmmaker. Her first was Local Ladies x Guelph which featured the stories of six women in Guelph, Ontario, and the second featured women in Kitchener and Guelph speaking on the International Women’s Day 2018 called Press For Progress.

How do you define local? How is your definition of “local” affected by people living and working in multiple cities at once? (For example, Writer Anne Donahue from Local Ladies x Toronto is located out of both Cambridge and Toronto)

I hate to be cheesy but I really put no limitations on who is ‘local’. I’ve kept to certain cities only because of my own travel limitations but in my eyes, everyone is a local lady. We share the same planet so we must be the same community.

Pictured: Writer Anne Donahue on the set of  Local Ladies x Toronto (Photo credit: Local Ladies

Pictured: Writer Anne Donahue on the set of Local Ladies x Toronto (Photo credit: Local Ladies

Why resilience and vulnerability for theme of this new documentary, Local Ladies x Toronto?

I’d known for a while that we were taking on Toronto for the next doc but hadn’t come up with a theme yet. After the van attack in Toronto and string of suicides both in the news and in my own extended family, I remember telling Meghan ‘we have to talk about mental health and resilience, there is nothing else to talk about right now’ and things very quickly started to come together. Women are the most resilient people I know and I wanted to showcase their strength and the strength of the community.

Were you inspired by the documentary Dream, Girl?

SO MUCH. Dream, Girl was one of my biggest inspirations in creating Local Ladies, and Erin Bagwell (Director of Dream, Girl) was one of the women I interviewed the first year. I am obsessed with their documentary film and can’t wait to see what else they create.

What should we know about latest project? 

It’s emotional. These aren’t fluffy stories, they aren’t necessarily even nice stories, but they are stories that need to be told. The women in this film are out of this world, they have been so supportive of this project and the day we spent shooting was an absolute blast. I think the honesty and the fun of this project will really show through in the film.

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