The Launch of the New Lamp in Hand

Dear Wonderful Readers,

I want to share with you some changes that have just taken place at

After much consideration, I decided that in order to better serve this online community, the structure of needed to be changed.

Originally, Lamp in Hand was set up like a blog. Every so often, a new article or video was posted and then you had to wait for the next one. The problem with this set-up is that “waiting for the new blog post” meant there was no "wholeness" to the corpus of content. 

In the world of new journalism, news blogs would die if they followed a philosophy of textual “wholeness.” The entire reason they exist is to deliver information that is new. That’s why it’s called “the news.” They publish or perish

But Lamp in Hand is not journalism. Lamp in Hand is an online space where art, film and the written word are used to challenge social norms, social constructs and social injustice. At its current capacity, Lamp in Hand cannot produce weekly content. With this in mind, a new batch of content was posted today in its entirety instead of me waiting to spread it out. This change in content delivery also fits in nicely with the proliferation of Netflix culture. If you think of Lamp in Hand as a TV show, all that's up now is Season 1. In some time a new batch of content will be added as Season 2.

Because Lamp in Hand will no longer be a blog - we will have a blog! To be meta, if you haven't already figured it out, what you're reading now is the blog! These posts will be less structured than the essays throughout the rest of the site, and will be more like letters from me to you.

Finally, thank you so much for being a part of the Lamp in Hand community. I look forward to  sharing these changes with you and would love to hear from you at anytime. Feel free to e-mail me at or tweet to @lampinhand

Welcome to Season 1! 

Warm regards and Happy New Year!