Days of Prayer and Action for Columbia #Dopa2015


Hi Everyone, 

Happy May 24 weekend! While here in Canada, many of us will be celebrating Victoria Day with fireworks, camping trips and cold beverages, in Colombia, its citizens are fighting for their right to peace. 

Colombia is home of the world's longest running internal armed conflict. This violence is an expression of deeper issues including inequality, injustice, and corporate greed. 

This weekend, the people of Columbia ask you to join their voices in the solidarity campaign called Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia. Tomorrow, on Sunday, May 17th, hold the people of Columbia in your thoughts, prayers, and meditations. Talk to the people around you about the conflict. On Monday, May 18th, take action. Sign this petition asking the U.S. government to stop providing military aid to Colombia. Ask President Obama to support proposals from Colombian civil society in their quest for lasting peace.

This week, I'm honoured to share a guest post on Lamp in Hand that my good friend and Human Rights Activist, Nadine Hiemstra, wrote. Nadine has spent the last few months working on the ground in Columbia. You can read her story and about the inspiring Colombian citizens she worked with here

Please join me in supporting this campaign.

Here, at Lamp in Hand, we've also created this banner for you to use on Facebook to show your support. Share the campaign's message of peace by using the hashtags #Dopa2015 and #PeaceforColombia on Facebook and Twitter.