On Gratitude and Growing Older

Last week, I turned 25. I'd say it feels pretty much the same as 24 did, except for when I talk to high school students for work. That's when I realize I started high school more than a decade ago.

Age is relative though. At the YMCA, the seniors I go to yoga with still think I'm 17. "So have you applied to any universities for next Fall?" they ask while slathering on lotion in the changeroom. 

I also occasionally get asked if I'm a "co-op student" at my office. "No," I say with a smile, "I just started my anti-aging regiment early." 

Birthdays do, however, provide us with an opportunity to gain perspective. The day itself was pretty grand. I wore a dress like I usually do (because I still don't believe in wearing pants). I had a good hair day, worked out on my lunch break and went to the Public Library after work. It was raining but I found solace in the stacks, leafing through Harold Bloom's critique of Jane Eyre and then picking out a new memoir to read. There is, and always has been, something very comforting about the library for me. 

That evening, after I was safely tucked away in my pyjamas, I noticed I had received a birthday text from a friend. I thanked him and he replied by asking how my day was. I thought of the bout of endorphins I'd gotten over lunch, being surrounded by all the colourful book spines at the library and driving home in the rain, safe and warm in my car. It had been a perfect day. So I said that, "It was perfect." And he said something to the effect of "Really? Perfect?! Wowza." 

I know that the definition of true “perfection” is unattainable, but for me, perfection is feeling as if everything is exactly where it’s meant to be; as if everything is in “perfect” alignment and balance. It was then that I realized I felt that way often. My birthday had been perfect, but so had pretty much every other day that week.

 I’ve always been a “glass half full” kind of girl. What I didn’t realize though, was how profoundly that mindset affects my overall quality of life. Realizing this was a huge gift to me on my 25th. I’m grateful for the little things, and that gratitude is a gift unto itself. 

My mom, My Cousin and I on my Birthday :)

My mom, My Cousin and I on my Birthday :)