3 Easy Ways to be Great in a Bikini


To help accommodate families and friends flocking to the beach, InStyle.com posted an article entitled “10 Easy Ways to Look Great in a Bikini.” The article is part of their ironically titled column, “Inside Beauty.” 

If you would like to strategically tape your breasts so that they sit higher and thus “magically” slim your waistline you can find their article here: ow.ly/lwjYe

If not, I have included “3 Easy Ways to be Great in a Bikini”

  1. Put on a bikini. 

  2. Think about what “great” means to you. Does it mean having flat abs? Or does it mean you are a person with integrity, a caring heart and a kick-ass personality?
  3. Have fun following your definition of great (often this entails being your awesome self)!