Turn the Page: The Importance of Reading

After a long day of work, school, or both, all I want to do is get comfy in my bed, and mindlessly watch "Friends" on Netflix. Life can be rough and after a mentally tiring day, it's so easy to shut down our brains for a while. However, falling into that pattern day after day isn't good for you! Reading allows you to keep your brain working in an entertaining way.

Try to think of reading as rebooting your brain. My favourite part of reading is using my imagination. I love to create the character's appearance and surroundings. I love to image facial expressions as I read and reread the dialogue with emotion. Although watching a movie is sometimes what you need, you don't get the privilege of creating anything yourself. Everything is laid out in front of you, you're given the characters and emotions with little to none left for the imagination. 

Picking up a book is better than watching TV because books give you the opportunity to learn new, useful things and improve your vocabulary and grammar. This may sound like an english teacher's speech but I know from personal experience that reading has helped me improve my writing style and has taught me about history and modern-day culture.  

Why I Like to Read

To me, there's nothing more satisfying than finishing that last sentence and closing the book cover. I love knowing that I invested hours of my time into something and got a great story and new knowledge in return. I usually catch myself going over the plot and thinking about how things would have ended differently if one character would have done this instead of that. Even after I am done a book, my imagination is still active.

Books provide me with instant entertainment. Bored on the bus? Read a chapter or two. Waiting for class to start? Fit in a couple pages before the bell rings. I love feeling the weight of a book in my hands and the hearing sound as I turn the page, one page closer to the end. 

Reading is a temporary escape from the world that keeps your brain engaged and increases your knowledge. Hopefully, the benefits I get from reading will inspire you to pick up a book, turn the pages, and read.