Anti-Haul #1

We buy items on a regular basis because we require them: dental floss, groceries, socks. There are other items though that we buy not because we need, but because we want

This second category of purchases is often for entertainment or pleasure. In an attempt to curb your need to buy to have fun or feel good, I had an idea to create an “anti-haul." Hauls are popular videos on Youtube where people show you pretty things they bought. This anti-haul will be me sharing things that I found this month that I think are awesome that also happen to be free.

My Anti-Haul Rules: 

  1. Everything listed must be free. 
  2. "Free" includes the internet. One could argue that the internet is not “free.” Access to public libraries, however, is free. In Canada, you can use the internet at a public library regardless of whether or not you have a library card (i.e. an address). 
  3. Any media that can be accessed or consumed at a public library can be included. 

I hope you enjoy. These are the best things I found this month.


2 Stellar Novels


A brilliant dystopian novel that existed 50 years before The Hunger Games. I would write you a synopsis but Google does it better.

Fun fact: the author Ray Bradbury would have been 95 this month. Brainpickings posted a lovely article for his birthday here. The VlogBrothers also featured Fahrenheit 451 in their book club.



This novel was perfect. It was also the longest thing I’ve read since Harry Potter. (I didn’t feel like reading War and Peace). 

If you didn't find that description helpful know that it was also listed in CBC's 30 Works of Canadian Fiction to Read Before You're 30.




A Beautiful Poem

Short Reads

"The scary thing I have noticed is that some people really feel uncomfortable around women who don't hate themselves." 
Mindy Kaling's Guide to Killer Confidence
"For a very long time I felt I was being hunted, and it made me very unhappy. But in the past few years I’ve been working on changing the script inside my head. Life’s too short to be anyone but yourself. Let the chips fall where they may.” 
- Anne Hathaway in The Persecution of Anne Hathaway and our Culture of Celebrity Misogyny
"I used to think that friendship as performed for an audience would end with middle school, but the past 10 years of technology have changed that expectation. In social media, friendship gets fixed and mounted. It loses its dramatic tension. It becomes a presentation of happiness, an advertisement for friendship rather than an actual portrayal of it." 
- Female BFF's: The New Power Couples, The New York Times

Feel-Good Activities

Finding Wildflowers

This is literally one of my favourite things to do. Going outside is free and flowers are prettier than Mac lipsticks. It's a simple activity: go outside, walk, look for flowers, try not to run into things while walking and looking. Here are some pretty wild thangs I found this month that are currently outside your door. 

Yoga for Good Posture

Youtube Yoga is my favourite type of yoga because no one charges you to use the towels and no one oms pretensiously. 

New (to me) Instagram Accounts

If you like inclusive fashion: @hijab_house

If you like avant garde portrait photography: @ashleynjoncas

If you like whimsical pop art: @alia_pop

If you like me: @faithcameletti

If you have a thing for floors: @ihavethisthingwithfloors

Miscellaneous Finds

This juxtaposition from High Existence

This quote from Q with Shad:

This image that Laura Vandervoort shared on Instagram. Sidenote: Laura Vandervoort is also one of my August favourites. 

This tweet from Janet Mock:

Let me know in the comments below what some of your August Anti-Haul favourites were and if you like this type of post!