Women, Worth and Wardrobe: A Documentary

About the Film

In American society, women are expected to express their femininity through their clothing, and those that do not are perceived as inferior. This documentary chronicles how a group of students at Arizona State University, aged 19-22, discussed this idea and held a public protest at their local fashion mall in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It is through their acts of resistance that these students argued that all women have intrinsic worth and value regardless of whether or not they chose to conform to patriarchal, societal ideals of beauty and appearance.

Exciting News Update

In the summer of 2014, a year after Women, Worth and Wardrobe was first released, Faith Cameletti (the director and producer of the documentary) was contacted by Danielle Waite, a student at Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia. Danielle had recently seen Women, Worth and Wardrobe online and was inspired to recreate the peaceful demonstration shown in the film at her own school. It's Lamp in Hand's privilege to announce that Danielle and her peers successfully protested at Spelman College and were supported by their school's faculty and administration. We encourage you to follow Danielle on Twitter here. She has some very inspiring tweets! Danielle and Faith also created the hashtag #WorthIsntWorn to raise awareness about the documentary and its message. Join us in spreading awareness. 

Contact Faith at faith@lampinhand.com if you are interested in holding your own protest for the way women are discriminated against based off their clothing. 

Spring 2013 at Arizona State University

Summer 2014 at Spelman College